Cheap full coverage car insurance in New Jersey. It doesn’t exist!

Hey Guy’s, this is somewhat related to orkney but not 100%. Unfortunately I’m moving from the U.K to New Jersey!

I had an amazing job opportunity present itself. Unfortunately for me I’ll be leaving beautiful Scotland for suburbia in N.J.

While N.J may not be amazing, America is pretty great. So many nationals parks to see, with so many variants in weather. I’m going to do a big road trip, I’m 100% sure of that!

When and where, I have no clue.

Anyway, as I begin to prepare for my trip. I decided to start shopping around for auto insurance; lucky for me my health insurance is covered by my company. Too bad auto insurance isn’t! It’s crazy expensive. $450+ a month for me… Keep in mind that I’m a married man, with zero accidents, who plans to drive a modest new car.

It’s crazy. Maybe because I’m an expat? I hope this isn’t normal. Maybe when I head over to the U.S i’ll find a better deal. Right now I’m in no rush to look. Far too disappointing.

The site I used to compare car insurance: is pretty good. They had some good insight into the U.S insurance industry but I couldn’t find a reason as to why I would have to pay so much for auto insurance.  Here’s a helpful article for American readers: ” Who has the cheapest auto insurance

Well we know the answer for me… No one!

Also apparently insurance in the U.S isn’t “Full coverage”, you have to pay extra for that. Live in the U.K and don’t know what full coverage car insurance is? Click the link on the left and be enlightened my friend.

That enough of a rant for today. Hope you enjoyed 🙂