Looking for used cars in Toronto

Looking for My Used Car

Buying a new car wasn’t even an option. It’s not that I couldn’t afford it. I had the money. I just didn’t want to spend it that way. I mean, I was socking away a good amount every month into my savings and I wanted to try to keep doing that. So, I could have bought a new car. I just really wanted to go another way so I explored used cars Toronto.

I never bought a used car before but I wasn’t worried about the fact that it was used. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find one that I liked. Then, I looked for Toronto used cars online and realized I was going to have to opposite problem. I found too many! I used this website to look: https://www.carcanuck.ca/

My initial criteria was pretty lax. Less than 50,000 miles, no more than 5 years old. I felt like any older than that or a lot more mileage would lead to problems sooner. Having to shell out a bunch of money for repairs in a year or so seems counterproductive. Anyway, it wasn’t a problem. There were more than a dozen just in the city that met those requirements.

So, I had to narrow it down a little more. I was surprised that I actually got to pick the model that I wanted. And get this, because it was a popular car that had a good resale value, everyone was selling them right after they were paid off which meant there were a lot in inventory. And that meant that I even got to think about what color I wanted.

Another good thing is that, because there were so many out there, the prices were really reasonable. What do that call that? A buyer’s market? Anyway, I got a great deal on a car that I really wanted. I don’t mean that I bought it because it was inexpensive and had low mileage. I mean that I actually wanted it. I loved it the second I saw it. Blue paint. Grey interior. Spoiler. It was awesome.

It all seemed a little overwhelming but it didn’t take long for me to get over my anxiety and just enjoy the whole process. I ended up getting a really reasonable loan with an affordable monthly payment. I got a super cool car and could still afford to put money into my savings. Definitely a win-win for me.

Next thing I did was start looking for some cheap car insurance. With cheap as my number one priority I started looking for some cheap car insurance with no deposit (I’ve talked about this before). Just like before I managed to find a great deal on no deposit car insurance here: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/